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Welcome to She Her Go-The Brand, LLC. I am so excited you stopped by! I look forward to sharing so much with you!

My Story

Hey Mommas!

I'm  Paris--a Service member in the United States Army, mother, and Founder of She Her Go- The Brand, LLC.  I love to share my parenting/organizational skills and experiences with others, in hopes of helping others simplify their lives-particularly busy moms.  I have over 16 years of experience with family planning, from an organizational standpoint. I started my parenthood journey as a single college student at Howard University; graduated; and  commissioned as an HR Officer shortly after. A couple years later, I married another Service member; gained a bonus son, and later gave birth to two more children. As a mother and career woman, I learned early, the importance of work-life balance. In 2020, my kids' dad and I decided to divorce. I became a single parent during the pandemic and had to mentally prepare myself for what was to come.  My organizational skills and family planning transitioned to the next level. Things seemed visibly perfect and in tact; but the reality is, it was tough, yet very doable. I knew it was because of the additional time I took to prepare my family for our new family dynamics of living in a one-parent household. I am so glad I was able to take time to prepare my family because we are more resilient than ever before, and I still have a life outside of my career and parenting. I really look forward to sharing all of the tricks and trades I've learned over the years! Please continue to check in from time to time. I have a lot in store for you busy mommas!


Contact me for questions, concerns, and collaboration. 

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